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This is the second year the NEG/ECP Conference has offered a B2B matchmaking service for participants. Companies will have the opportunity to attend all panels and events of the conference in addition to tailored one-on-one meetings to network and discuss prospective partnerships with regional companies and potential obstacles that will impact their businesses with the changing environmental and political setting. A unique component of the program within the NEG/ECP Conference is the exposure andopportunity to discuss not only business prospects but policy, regional initiatives, and the unique bi-lateral relations between the U.S. and Canada.
The 42nd NEG/ECP Conference has partnered with B2B2GO, a matchmaking organization in Quebec, to provide business representatives with a full service online platform to match businesses of similar interests as well as on the ground facilitation during the B2B Program of the conference. All business representatives will have access to this program without any additional cost excluding the initial registration fee of $200.

B2B Priority Sectors:

  • Electric & Autonomous Vehicles
  • Energy Storage & Transmission
  • Renewable Energy

Electric & Autonomous Vehicles

As part of the NEG/ECP, the Transportation and Air Quality Committee has been tasked with identifying current electric vehicles corridors and establishing a regional network of EV charging corridors to reach the 2020 horizon as noted in the NEG/ECP Resolution 41-4. In addition, the region as a whole has over 51,600 light duty electric vehicles on the road and over 4,000 charging stations including DC Fast Chargers and Level II Charging. With progressive regional and jurisdictional goals and VW settlement money being distributed to states and various organizations, the electric vehicle market and supported infrastructure will have an inevitable increase over the next five-ten years. The NEG/ECP Conference will host experts from the governmental and corporate sector to discuss EV innovation and what the future holds during a panel discussion. With the B2B program, various businesses in the electric and autonomous vehicle industry can collaborate and discuss potential for growth and what the future will bring while attending the Electric Vehicle Innovation Panel to continue the conversation with policy makers.

Energy Storage and Transmission

Energy storage and transmission is an important topic for the region. This is one of the main themes of the 42nd NEG/ECP Conference. The Northeast International Committee on Energy has been tasked with creating a resolution to bring before the governors and premiers at this year’s event in respect to storage, affordability, and resilience. With the 2018 cold snap that affected the entire region; states, provinces, and businesses are looking to energy storage as an advantage to a changing climate that is hard to predict. B2B participants have the opportunity to discuss the future of energy storage and transmission with other businesses while continuing the conversation at the Energy Storage Panel. Please see the list of sponsors from various energy companies in this packet that will be attending the event.

Renewable Energy

The region has ambitious goals to reduce GHG emissions by 2020 with various states and provinces confirming renewable energy projects that can help bridge that gap. The NEG/ECP Regional Climate Change Action Plan was signed during the 2017 Annual Conference; representatives from the region are continuing their implementation plan as we speak with several committee representatives in attendance. In addition, sponsors of the conference account for leaders in the region’s renewable energy sector and will be a part of panel discussions. B2B participants will have the opportunity to network with business affiliates during the matchmaking program and be exposed to various policy and governmental delegates during the conferences various panel discussions and additional networking events.

Why take the trek to Vermont?

When we put aside the beautiful countryside and hand crafted food and beverages the state has to offer, Vermont is at the forefront of energy and electric vehicle technology and a border state that prides themselves on a progressive Canadian/US relationship; Vermont’s clean energy economy continues to remain a promising source of economic growth and employment opportunity. Vermont’s clean energy economy now supports just over 19,000 workers, up 7.7% over 2016 and 29% from the baseline of 14,788 in 2013. About 64% spend all of their time on clean energy-related business activities, translating to roughly 12,200 “full-time” clean energy jobs. Clean energy workers now account for 6% of total statewide employment, compared to a 2% nationwide average.

Now is the time to come together and continue regional partnerships between the U.S. and Canada. Join us in Stowe, Vermont this August at the 42nd Annual Conference of the New England Governors and Eastern Canadian Premiers and be part of the conversation that will help shape the future of energy, technology, and trade for the region.

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